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Origin:  Phoenix, AZ


Genres:  Deathcore


Years Active:  2016- Present


Label:  Distrokid



I, Pariah formed in early 2016 and released two crushing singles (Endure, Lay Waste) through producer Cory Spotts (Job For a Cowboy, Knights of the Abyss, and Greenly Estates). After solidifying a lineup in late 2016, I, Pariah began performing and working on their debut EP War Engine.
In June of 2017 the band released their debut music video "Kingdom of Lies"  (directed by Lance Gergar) to much acclaim. A release date was announced for July 22nd. of 2017 for their debut Ep War Engine, produced by Jeremy Davis (Guitarist @ Animus Complex, produced Dead World Reclamation, Singularity, and The Ephemeral). Once War Engine was released I, Pariah began branching out of Phoenix, Arizona, and supported the release with an early west coast March tour.
In 2019 I, Pariah released their second EP with producer Hiram Hernandez (West//Ghost, Glass Cloud, and All Time Low) entitled HATE | PRAYER. Subsequently I, Pariah toured and supported their sophomore release across the United Stated on the "Death From the West" tour. I, Pariah has since then supported bands such as Cattle Decapitation, Fit For an Autopsy, Slaughter to Prevail, Suicide Silence, Upon A Burning Body, Winds of Plague, Prison, Entheos, Rivers of Nihil, and Traitors. In 2020 I, Pariah completed their third album and debut full length album entitled "Dystopian Visions" with an expected release date of early 2021 featuring guest spots by Chaney Crabb (Entheos) and Andy Thomas (Black Crown Initiate)


War Engine is an unrelenting 5 song EP dedicated to aggressive and pointed social commentary. With the first lyric of Demagogue declaring "I am your downfall" the EP sets a tone of intense anger and frustration. "Kingdom of Lies" was the debut single released off War Engine accompanied by a music video filmed by Gergar Prodcutions ( The title track "War Engine" rounds out and brings to a close I, Pariah's debut release with a message to those who would listen that they bring a hatred like never before. 

They're releasing a debut EP full of melodic yet hard-hitting, socially relevant death-metal anthems titled "War Engine." With Animus Complex guitarist Jeremy Davis handling the production, the five-song EP makes its way through such punishing highlights as "Demagogue," "Kingdom of Lies" and the EP-closing title track.

"Jeremy was great to work with and really helped us the sound we had envisioned," singer Steve Poff says. "The idea behind this band and our album was to write visceral, aggressive, politically charged music. It was important to all of us to not just write music we all enjoyed, but to make sure there was a message behind it as well. This album will set the tone for things to come for this band, and we have no intention of letting up when it comes out."

There are no punches pull on "War Engine." In the video, "Kingdom of Lies," for instance, Poff growls, "Welcome to the kingdom of lies / A monument to his ego / A sea of ignorance / All hail Armageddon's new king."}

-Ed Masley AZ Central

I, Pariah, hailing from Phoenix, Arizona is a modern deathcore band that just destroys the scene. With their blasting double bass, their enormous chugging and pinch harmonics, I absolutely love this band. “War Engine”, a debut EP, released July 22nd, 2017 is a must-have. Not to say they don’t have enormous capability to achieve fame, they make good music. I was truly impressed with this album. I haven't tapped my toes that much since... I actually don't know when! The album features brutal slams, dire blast beats, and cutthroat riffs that truly impress me like I previously stated. I cannot rip much on this release. It's a better listen than Attila, that’s for sure. I can’t decide which band is better; I’m only kidding. Attila is garbage. Especially cause they’re a joke band in my opinion. Anyway back to the release. The song, “Heretic”, not to be confused with our partners, Heretic Records, has a sick fucking solo in it. I highly recommend purchasing this album just for this song. The solo is followed by a pummeling breakdown that we all can love, then the song ends. This release features lots of audio clips. I can’t hate that. In fact, I love this album. It's a must listen. “War Engine”, features a few high screams and lots of low screams, even a blegh in, “Kingdom of Lies”. There is a breakdown in that song that's utterly lethal. Lethal breakdowns are my go-to. I cannot unlike this band. Well, I’m out for now. More reviews are coming, stay posted for more from Filthy Media. If you haven’t already, bookmark us! And don’t forget to pick up, “War Engine”, by I, Pariah on

Here’s a crushing Deathcore release that I’m sure many of you will enjoy. I, Pariah is a deadly band that could easily be compared with on a similar level to contemporaries in the field. They know how to bring heavy presentation and a good time simultaneously. There is certainly potential behind this five-piece on the rise from Phoenix, Arizona.

They display all of this through their debut EP release “War Engine” which just made landfall over the Summer. This is a 5 track bombshell waiting to take the listeners face off. It’s currently available for purchase and streaming in full over on Bandcamp!

You can also stream the entire effort right here, right now! We’ve teamed with I, Pariah to bring this stream straight to your ears. Enjoy the goods and give the band a follow and some support if you enjoy.

-Mike, Circle Pit


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